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In 2003 i bought a new Izuzu of the show room floor it now has 62000 miles on it Izuzu told me i was not the original owner therefore the warrenty is void the warrenty is 10 years or 120000 miles the dealer is still in business but is not an izuzu dealer any more. Izuzu is about to get sued by me soon. I do not have the money to fix the car right now being without a car has made life very difficult.The people at Izuzu will not tell me who the original owner of the car is.

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Isuzu no longer does business in the U.S.A., however General Motors own part of it Isuzu, before it disappered from the U.S.A.General Motors does make parts for Isuzu cars, and Isuzu does make parts for General Motors.

Check the warranty paper to see if the orginal warranty is transferable. In the auto industry, some warranties are transferable, and some are not. I will recommend you to contact Carfax, about the orginal owner. I wish you the best of luck, and make sure you fight for your right.

The U.S.A need more people like you.People who fight against largest companies are Robin hoods of the 21th century.

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